AR-15 Rifle Bipods from Ozark Armament

If you are a hunter, you will value the importance of a premium quality bipod for your rifle. You will choose an ar bipod that is built to be dependable & durable. The sole function of a bipod is to stabilize your weapon when firing. Doing this increases precision shooting, reduces recoil, and improves accuracy.

Some years back, ar bipods were heavy and difficult to use, but the modern ones are the complete opposite. Different people prefer different bipods depending on their usage and shooting mannerisms.

An excellent ar bipod also ensures that your arms and other joints are comfortable holding or carrying a 6-pound rifle.

When shooting from various positions and angles, you need to manage and steady your firearm. A firm and dependable bipod will allow you to make any necessary adjustments to suit the surroundings and conditions you are shooting in.

Here are important factors to consider when choosing an AR-15 rifle bipod.


This, in all likelihood, is the first and most obvious thing to consider. Your budget will determine the scope and make of the bipod you will explore.

Some well-known bipod brands include a Harris bipod, Atlas bipod, LRA tactical bipod, and the Versa-Pod bipod if your budget is flexible.

We here at Ozark Armament realize not everyone has the budget to spend exorbitantly on a bipod and thus have designed, developed, and manufactured our own line of ar bipods that meet our standard of quality without breaking the bank.


An AR bipod is available in various protractible lengths. Height is an essential factor since it allows alterations to enhance stability depending on the ground surface. The 6-9 inch AR bipod can be set to different heights.

Other height ranges you will access are the 9-13 inch bipod with four height settings and the 13-24 inch bipod, which is a bit longer with various height settings. Such bipods work best for snow or tall shooters. An adjustable height setting provides flexibility and accuracy from different positions.

You must be okay shooting your AR 15-style rifle from the lowest susceptible position with an ar bipod. Any irritation makes the shooting precarious.

Shooting Purpose

Your shooting impetus is very important. If your weapon of choice is a precision rifle, a high-end bipod might be the best route for you. Such bipods we would recommend include the Atlas Accu-shot, which works great for a precision rifle.

Harris bipods are popular among the military, especially for their snipers and marksmen, because they are not heavy. The Harris bipods are preferred more since they deploy faster even when folded.


More emphasis should be given to a durable ar bipod with useful attributes. Those manufactured using light materials such as aluminum are sturdy compared to their counterparts made of plastics and are also lighter to carry over long distances.

Another useful feature to consider purchasing is a bipod with a sling to safely carry your rifle, preventing damage to both the rifle and the bipod. Our Ozark Armament bipods consist of a sling swivel mount and an additional sling bipod mount that can be used while the bipod is attached to the firearm.

Once you have procured your AR bipod, it is paramount to ensure that it is taken care of and serviced to make it last longer. It should undergo regular cleaning with an appropriate material to remove the dirt accumulated between the movable pieces that may damage it later.

Inspect your bipod every time you use it to confirm that all parts are efficiently working; they include the lock/unlock and height adjustment functions. This process keeps your bipod ready for duty at any given time.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your AR 15 bipod.

Constantly wash your bipod after use: Repeatedly cleaning your ar bi pod after every use will help remove impurities that may have entered between the moveable parts, such as sand and small stones. Failure to remove these impurities will interfere with the mobility of the mentioned parts, making it difficult to use the equipment.

Dry your bipod after use: A situation may occur while on a shooting expedition that will involve your bipod getting a little wet. You need to dry your bipod immediately to avoid potential rusting of essential parts such as the springs, screws, and other mobile pieces. This reduces the bipod’s efficacy.

The best way to dry your bipod is by using dry cleaning solvents.

Grease your bipod often: The first thing you should do before mounting a bipod to your gun is to ensure that you’ve sufficiently lubricated it. Grease as a lubricant has always been used to purge bipods for years, making it convenient.

Always check whether all the functions are working, such as the locking or unlocking function, the stands can adjust properly, and more. When this process is done habitually, your equipment will always be ready to perform its duty. When using your AR 15 rifle, it is also advisable to have the right hearing and eye protection available.