Scopes, Optics & Red Dots for AR 15

AR 15 Scopes from Ozark Armament

Looking for quality AR 15 scopes? Ozark Armament is your source for high-quality AR 15 tactical optics. We carry a wide range of rifle scopes, red dot sights, reflex sights, micro red dot, magnified optics, and low power variable optics (LPVO). Whether you're needing a home defense solution or something more advanced to operate like a professional we have the right AR 15 scope for you. Take a look at our selection and find the perfect scope for your next AR build.

Long Range AR-15 Scopes

The Razorback 1-6X24SFP is our Low Power Variable Optic or LPVO. The 1-6x means 1x is its lowest magnification for rapid target acquisition while 6x is its highest magnification for long range engagement. 24 means the objective lens diameter is 24 millimeters & SFP means the scope is second focal plane or also referred to as rear focal plane. An LPVO tactical scope is best suited to the AR 15 and other AR carbines that must deal with a mix of close-quarters, fast-moving shooting as well as mid-range and longer range engagements. This Razorback LPVOs flexibility, in comparison to a red dot sight or holographic sight, is its main advantage.

Red Dot Sights for AR15

A red dot sight enables you to acquire targets swiftly, also allowing for a wide field of view. They're simple to use and can easily help first-time shooters. In addition, they work well in low-light conditions. The primary advantage to a red dot sight vs a long range scope is the fast acquisition of targets. Although red dot sights have no magnification, Red dots acquire targets significantly faster compared to high magnification rifle scopes. As a result, for quick target acquisition (up to 100 yards) & the capability to hit fast moving targets, a quality red dot such as our Rhino Red/Green Dot Sight is strongly advised for your AR 15. If you are needing higher precision for a target further away then a 2 MOA red dot sight like our Razorback MRD is the choice for you. Many AR-15 operators improve their red dot sight build quality by adding a magnifier to get the best of both worlds in target acquisition.

Reflex Sight

Other AR 15 scopes, such as our AR 15 Wide Angle Reflex Sight, don't have a beam that is visible. They use adaptive parallax instead of magnification and are intended for fast targeting. Meaning they're best for fast paced, versatile target acquisition and can be used with both eyes open. The tunnel vision that one gets used to with a fixed power telescopic sight is eliminated, and both spatial and peripheral vision are fully maintained while using reflex sights with both eyes open. As a result, catching the majority, if not all, aiming mistakes like tilting can help you acquire your target much faster. Like a red dot sight, these sights are suited for close range & medium range situations up to 100 yards. Many AR 15 operators swear by these sights and add a magnified optic such as our Rhino 4X for more magnification to easily hit targets at a distance.

AR Platform Magnified Optics

Speaking of magnified scopes, how do you decide what magnification is best for your AR 15? There is a belief that you should use a level of magnification that is just enough to hit the target. To keep it simple, too much magnification may bring disadvantages like weight, complexity, and distortion, resulting in a decrease in the rifle scopes' effectiveness. Many shooters settle on magnification between 3X and 6X as they find they don't require more for precise shots at 300 yards & under. When choosing your AR 15 magnifier, consider if you want one that has a flip-to-side mount such as our Razorback 3X to allow you to quickly move the magnifier out of the way when the situation calls for it.

Tactical Scopes for your AR 15 by Ozark Armament

We pride ourselves on offering you high-quality tactical optics, iron sights, lasers, lights & more for the AR platform. We're not just about providing you with the greatest inventory at the lowest price, but we're also dedicated to serving our customers with that old school level of service that seems to be lost by so many companies today. Our fast and free shipping helps us offer extremely cost-effective weapons solutions to our customers. We understand this buying decision is an important one and treat it as such. As if that wasn't enough, we're so sure that our AR 15 Scopes are of the highest quality that each tactical optic we sell is backed by our NO BS LIFETIME WARRANTY!

So, what do you have to lose? Experience the difference Ozark Armament makes for yourself. Take a look at our collection of high-quality AR 15 scopes and place an order now.