Carry Handle Optic Mounts

Carry Handle Optic Mounts for AR-15 From Ozark Armament

This guide from Ozark Armament focuses on carry handle scope mounts for the AR-15, emphasizing their role in firearm customization and functionality enhancement. We'll cover everything from the basics of what these mounts are, to their installation and maintenance, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs.

Why Choose a Carry Handle Scope Mount for Your AR-15?

Understanding the Appeal: These mounts combine utility with the classic AR-15 style. They offer a dependable platform for scopes or red dots while maintaining the firearm's iconic look.

Benefits: The primary benefit is the stability they provide for your sighting system, contributing to improved precision.

Carry Handle Optic Mounts: Defining the Essentials

What Are They?: Designed for secure attachment to the AR-15's carry handle, these mounts offer a firm base for various sighting systems, aligning with the firearm's barrel for better accuracy.

Compatibility with Firearms: Ozark Armament's scope mounts are crafted to fit a broad spectrum of AR-15 carry handles, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of use.

Exploring the Varieties: Types of Carry Handle Mounts

Diverse Options: Our range includes A2 carry handle mounts for Picatinny rails, Weaver rails and specific scopes, each catering to different needs.

Pros and Cons: Picatinny rail mounts bring versatility, while scope-specific options provide a more precise fit, enhancing stability.

Selecting the Right Scope for Your Mount

Key Considerations: When choosing a scope, consider its weight, size, and how it pairs with the mount for balanced handling.

Scope vs. Red Dot: Your choice here depends on your preferred shooting range and style. Scopes are suited for longer distances, whereas red dots excel in quick target acquisition at closer ranges.

Installation Insights: Attaching Your Mount to Your Firearm

Step-by-Step Guide: Installation is simple:

  • Align the mount with your carry handle's grooves
  • Slide it into place
  • Secure with the provided hardware

Installation Do's and Don'ts: Avoid over-tightening to prevent damage and ensure alignment for accuracy.

Enhancing Your Experience with the Right Mount

Impact on Performance: A suitable mount can significantly improve your experience, providing a stable platform and boosting confidence in your abilities.

User Experiences: Many have noted improved performance and enjoyment after upgrading to a quality mount.

Durability and Maintenance: Longevity of Your Mount

Build Quality and Materials: Made from top-grade materials, our mounts are built to last and can endure regular use in various environments.

Maintenance Tips: Regularly check for tightness and clean off any debris to maintain performance.

Security and Reliability: Trusting Your Mount

Securing Your Sighting System: Our mounts are designed to keep your scope or red dot securely in place, ensuring reliable performance.

Safety First: A secure mount not only improves accuracy but also contributes to overall safety by maintaining stable alignment.

Shopping for the Best: Ozark Armament's Selection

Where to Find Our Products: Available on our website and through authorized dealers, our mounts cater to diverse styles and requirements.

Customer Support and Advice: Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect mount for your AR-15.  Drop us a note at

Future Trends: The Evolution of Mounts

Innovation at Ozark Armament: We're constantly innovating, developing mounts with lighter materials and improved compatibility.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: As firearm technology evolves, so do our products, keeping you ahead in the world of firearms.

Key Takeaways

  • Compatibility and Type Selection: Ensure the mount matches your AR-15, M16 or M4 and meets your needs.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Proper setup and care are vital for mount longevity.
  • Product Quality: We're committed to delivering durable, high-quality mounts that enhance your experience.
  • Reach out to us for any questions: