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  • 532nm 5mw green laser sight is visible up to 1 mile plus at dusk and night and 100 yards plus in full sunlight
  • Developed specifically for Rifle platforms with rail attachments to provide quick and effective visual targeting
  • Engineered from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide impact-resistant rugged construction at less than 6 ounces
  • Reinforced electronics to handle rifles with even the hardest recoil
  • Includes both push button switch and pressure pad for freedom in mounting options
  • NEW: All new exclusive tool-less adjustment turrets for adjustments in the field without needing tools!
  • Laser uses CR123A battery that is included
  • Backed by our NO B.S. LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Includes an on/off switch, similar to a flashlight, as well as a pressure pad that will allow you to operate the laser while in firing position with your weapon. A picatinny rail mount is included to mount to most standard tactical rails as well as a barrel mount (1") to mount to weapons that do not provide rail mounting positions. Each sigh turret features our exclusive tool less adjustment feature for on the fly adjustments.

Your stock weapon has lots going for it, but when it comes to targeting without the use of traditional optics you’re usually left out in the cold. You don’t always have the time to use even your iron sights in a firefight, so the inclusion of a laser sight is a standard accessory. Laser sights, with their ability to mount directly to your weapon’s Picatinny mount, offer you the capabilities you need for any occasion. With our green laser sights featuring a 5mw laser with more than a mile visibility at dusk and more than 100 yards in full sunlight, this firearm laser sight has the power to provide you with pinpoint shooting accuracy in all conditions. Using high-powered lasers means you'll be able to use your gun for long-range hunting and shooting day and night in all conditions, aiding in your target acquisition and retention even in low visibility.

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