45 Degree Offset Backup Sights for picatinny railed rifles

Ozark Armament

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  • 45 degree sights allow quick, repeatable transition from primary optics
  • Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with a hardcoat anodized finished
  • A2 sight picture with adjustable front sight post height
  • Dual aperture rear sight with both elevation & windage adjustment
  • Universal mount to any Picatinny rail that is the height of the flat top upper
  • Will not interfere with your optic picture
  • Backed by our NO B.S. LIFETIME WARRANTY!

A departure from standard co-witness or flip-up sights, our 45 degree offset iron sights allow a fast, repeatable transition when your optic fails.

The last thing you want to deal with is optics failure taking you out of the fight at the worst possible minute. A red dot sight that isn’t providing an accurate target resolution is worse than worthless - it’s dangerous. It’s important to have backup sights mounted on your weapon to keep yourself competitive. Backup iron sights have always been the solution to this problem, and many shooters rely on removing their optic and falling back to a set of flip-up iron sights that they’ve mounted in case of such a need.

Yet taking the few moments to remove even quick-release optics and flip-up iron sights can cost you precious seconds that you can’t afford to lose in a firefight. That’s why we recommend offset iron sights, also known as 45 degree sights or canted iron sights, to allow for the most rapid transition from failed target acquisition accessories to accurate iron sights. Designed to fit a standard Picatinny rail, offset iron sights are tilted at an angle of 45 degrees to put them squarely out of the way of the optic on your rifle. These low-profile offset sights are still instantly accessible by simply canting your rifle to align them into view. Both the front and rear sight will align perfectly and allow you to continue to use your gun, even if your night sights or red dot sight becomes unusable.

Like traditional iron sights, these offset iron sights feature a front sight with windage and elevation adjustments for accuracy. Made from a durable aluminum alloy and machined to mount to your Picatinny rail system, offset iron sights have become popular among pro operators for their tactical use and capabilities.

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